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Customer Testimonials

Mrs. Groshong has been my children's tutor for about 9 months. They love her kindness and patience during their tutoring sessions. She is very flexible and has told my children that they can come anytime for tutoring before a test! My daughter has changed her tutor time so that Mrs. Groshong can work with her before a test. She takes her time with the kids and gives them notes and helpful hints for solving math problems! She makes my kids feel good about math and never frustrated. I will defintiely continue to use her for as long as my kids need too!

- Michelle Powell


My daughter spent a few months doing math enrichment with Mrs. Groshong last spring. Not only did she enjoy the activities and learning; she gained much confidence in her math abilities. Her MAP scores reflected that confidence, as she scored well above the median in Math. We are looking forward to more time spent with Mrs. Groshong doing math!

- Kirsten Zeikle